SEO Audit to Atlanta Companies Seeking Better Online Performance

SEO audit is an important first step, and also helps describe how 9Bode a web design and marketing company can help improve business website online. We start any SEO project with deep SEO analysis of web pages, social profiles, competition, and several other factors. Our thorough analysis of your website can help identify key issues on your site that may be preventing you from reaching high rankings in organic search.


Google algorithm update brings us a step closer to more relevant search results. However, there is still secrecy behind how Google analyzes a website and determines which web sites to show for which search queries.


You can learn more about what SEO is on SearchEngineLand website!

SEO audit chalkboard

SEO analysis provides insight on following important aspects of a website:


Mobile Responsiveness

Page Speed Issues

Website Issues

Sitemap Generation

Social Media Signals

Google Business Page

Backlink Audit


Making initial recommendations by our SEO expert in Atlanta, what you can do to get an edge over your competitors and exploit gaps in the online marketplace.

Looking For SEO Consulting?

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