When working with any web development project, it is important to have well structured development process which passes through phase that starts with requirement gathering to deployment of product, maintenance, and beyond.

Discovery Phase

Discovery phase is arguably the most important of development process, since it sets the course for the entire project. As a business-centric solutions company, 9Bode always starts with a thorough assessment of the business needs. Then progressively working towards a specific understanding of the technical requirements through a collaborative process with client.

Design Phase

The design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the discovery phase further into reality. As the expression goes, it takes a lot of effort to make something look easy. So it goes with web design. A well thought out design usually leads to ease of use and ease of support long term. 9Bode tests it’s design ideas with the client using straw-model designs and mockups. Early feedback saves a lot of development rework.

Development And Testing

We believe disciplined, structured development reduces glitches and often allows for flexibility for changes down the road. This involves the building and development of functional elements. During development, code sections are tested as a unit and then overall integration testing is done with mock data to simulate real-world scenarios. Throughout this process, 9Bode keeps the client engaged and allows for previews so that there are no surprises.

Setup, Deployment, and Training

Setup is often required once the development is done. Users, privileges, initial data and any configuration settings. Once the setup is done, the webpage files are moved to client’s host server using FTP service for public viewing. Clients sometimes have their own infrastructure where they wish to host the application. When they don’t, 9Bode can help identify 3rd Party hosting facilities or host and manage the website on a turn-key basis. Training can be provided on case by case basis.

Maintenance, Support & Scope Extension

While 9Bode’s web sites are robust in their reliability, it goes without saying that they need on-going support

and there are usually needs to alter the functionality in some way to suit the client’s changing needs.

9Bode provides these support and extended development services.

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